Updated 6/8/2020 
Summer Protocol
With effect from 6/8/2020, we will be able to conduct Intakes and non-emergency Consultations with current CUA students who are new to the Counseling Center. Most of our staff is continuing to work from their respective homes to reduce possible transmission of COVID-19. 
We have been in contact with all of our ongoing clients, and would like to encourage our clients to reach out via email to your respective therapists if you have not yet confirmed a plan with them.  We are able to check in with you by phone – regularly in most cases - with a focus on providing referrals if ongoing treatment is needed. Video-therapy sessions may or may not be available, depending on state licensure laws. Some states, but not all, have temporarily relaxed laws forbidding practice across state lines during the coronavirus crisis. 
Clients utilizing psychiatry services (either here or with an outside provider):
If you are taking psychotropic medication, it is important throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to make sure you plan to have enough medication to continue taking as prescribed. Here are some other options for you to get medication refilled:
 - Reach out to your regular local off-campus psychiatric medication prescriber first.
- Contact your primary care physician at home. This may be a pediatrician; internist; OB/GYN; or your parents' general practitioner -- they may be able and willing to refill your medication on a short-term basis.
- If you had your medication filled at a chain pharmacy (e.g. CVS, Walgreens, Target, grocery-store based pharmacy), they may be able to transfer your prescription from D.C. to your home state. If they have an on-site clinic (e.g., the CVS “Minute Clinic”), they may also be willing to refill your medication on a short-term basis provided you bring in your original prescription/empty bottle so that they know exactly what medication and dosage you are taking. 
- On an emergency basis, you might visit Urgent Care or the nearest hospital Emergency Room. We recommend checking your insurance coverage, to avoid any unexpected co-pay. Emergency rooms are usually more expensive to visit than urgent care centers. We also encourage you to use caution and avoid hospitals during this time if possible, unless it is urgent.
As always, in the event of a psychiatric emergency, we encourage clients to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or go to their nearest Emergency Room for the most immediate care.
If you don't already, please follow us on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagramto receive daily tips for taking care of your mental health during these difficult times. We have also posted frequently-updated lists of resources on this website. We understand that these changes still feel different from the in-person service we're used to providing our students with, and we hope you will join us in trying to creatively problem-solve and address our community's mental health needs. We want to ensure that we can continue to provide ethical and impactful care to students who need us during this time, and are constantly re-assessing plans as new information becomes available. Thank you for your patience as we as a community help each other navigate through the challenges of COVID-19.

Welcome to the Counseling Center at the Catholic University of America.

Our purpose is to help you make the most of yourself as a developing person-more comfortable and effective in your own life and in your relations with others. This could mean overcoming unwanted feelings and behaviors or enhancing what you are already doing well.

We provide confidential services to full-time and part-time CUA students. Our services include individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatric consultation, walk-in consultations, walk-in emergency services for mental health crises, outreach, and referral services to outside agencies or practitioners.

The Counseling Center is accredited by IACS, the International Association of Counseling Services.

In case the university is closed (including early closings and delayed openings) due to inclement weather, the Counseling Center will be closed (or delayed) and appointments scheduled during the time we're closed or delayed will be considered to have been canceled. If this happens, please call to reschedule your appointment for another time.

To schedule an appointment, call 202-319-5765 or come to the Counseling Center, located in 127 O'Boyle Hall.

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