Mental Health Month 2024

This year Mental Health America's Mental Health Month theme is "Back to Basics." After the past few years of living throught the pandemic, many are recognizing the toll that isolation, stress, and uncertainty have taken on their overall well-being. Download the free Back to Basics Toolkit at or click the links below to gain foundational knowledge about mental health and information about what you can do if you're having mental health concerns.

The Counseling Center's outreach program contributes to the university community by offering information and informal staff presentations on topics of interest, such as identifying stress and eating disorders, alcohol education, crisis intervention and support, and workshops and trainings for RAs.

The Counseling Center is available and responsive to requests for presentations, support, and other appropriate meetings and interventions needed within the university community. Past presentations and trainings have included:

  • Alcohol education and screenings
  • Body image awareness
  • Classroom and study skills for international students
  • Crisis intervention and support
  • Depression screenings
  • Mental Health Stigma in marginalized populations
  • Mindfulness skills
  • RA and Student Minister training
  • Self-care for social work students
  • Sexual assault prevention and awareness
  • Stress management

Request an Outreach Activity

If you are interested in including the Counseling Center in your programming or would like to request a particular type of training, please contact the Director of Outreach with your request. Please be sure to submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance of the event to ensure adequate time for planning. Note that the Counseling Center may not be able to fulfill all requests.