The psychology externship provides a per annum stipend of $1000 to second-year graduate students and $1500 to graduate students in their third year and beyond. The social work externship provides a per annum stipend of $1000 to trainees.

By submitting an application, potential externs are agreeing to commit to the entire length of the externship program (end of August to early/mid-May). Because of the compressed schedule of the externship, participation in all nine months is essential to the program. Any significant absence will jeopardize successful completion of the externship program. If a potential extern knows in advance that they cannot commit to being present for all nine months of the externship program for a given year, that applicant is encouraged to reapply in a different year.

Externship hours are scheduled over three days in order to allow for externs to maximize their interactions with the Counseling Center staff and to participate in outreach programming.

Externs are required to attend a two-day orientation prior to beginning the program. This orientation takes place on the Wednesday and Thursday of the week before the start of undergraduate and graduate classes at Catholic U. Please see the current Academic Calendar to find out the dates for the upcoming Fall semester.

The 2022-2023 externship class has students from George Mason University, the Catholic University of America, Howard University, American University, the George Washington University, and the University of Maryland.