Sample Weekly Schedule

Activity Hours/Week
Direct Face-to-Face Clinical Service Activities  
Individual, assessment client hours 12.0
Intake interviews 2.0
Group therapy
Group therapy session (2.0)
Weekly emergency response hours 2.0
Total Direct Clinical Hours 18
Supervision Received  
Primary supervision of individual therapy, intakes, assessment, crisis intervention 2.0
Supervision w/ secondary supervisor 1.0
Intern supervision group 1.0
Supervision of group therapy 1.0
Supervision meeting following extern group (with group co-leader) 1.0
Training Seminars  
Meeting w/ Training Director:  Professional Development Seminar 1.0
Intern seminar (+ 30 minutes travel time) 2.5
Supervision Seminar/biweekly .5
Culture in Practice Seminar/biweekly .5
Group Therapy Seminar/biweekly .5
Evidence Based Practice Seminar/biweekly .5
Total Training (Supervision and Seminars) 11.5
Providing Training to Students  
Provide supervision to externs in group format 2.0
Provide supervision to practicum students 1.0
Total Provision of Training 3.0
Outreach and Consultation  
Consultation/Outreach (avg. weekly) 1.0
Outreach/Consult. Supervision and Administration 1.0
Total Outreach, Consult, Admin 2.0
Administrative time 3.5
Staff meeting 2.0
Psychiatry Rotation and Periodic Consultation 1.0
Total Other 6.5
Grand Total 40.0