Prepared by The Catholic University of America Counseling Center
March 2020

The Catholic University of America (CUA) Counseling Center staff appreciates our unique role in the development of our wonderfully diverse student body and are always looking for ways to extend our services beyond the center walls. One area of concern that often emerges for many clients and their fellow students during this time of year is that of making plans to support themselves during the summer break or following their imminent graduation. Moving forward from adolescence into adulthood can be challenging at the best of times, and with consideration given to the ever-evolving COVID-19 crisis, the CUA Counseling Center staff wanted to provide a practical set of resources to help you navigate some of the more common challenges of “adulting”.

The CUA Counseling Center staff has created a three-part resource guide that groups together various adulting tasks based on common themes, level of difficulty, and importance. The three portions of the guide are: Taking Care of Your Basic Needs; Gaining Financial Maturity; and, Professional Development. You can access these different modules by clicking on one of the links above. We came up with these topics based on things that we wish people had highlighted at the end of undergrad! Feel free to jump around and focus on what feels most helpful to you right now. We hope you find this guide to be informative and fun.

This is just a starting point if you're wondering how to prepare for post-college life. For much more tailored and detailed advice throughout your time at CatholicU, please visit the Center for Academic and Career Success and make an appointment with an advisor to figure out your specific next steps.


The Counseling Center Staff