Counseling Center

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides students with a safe, confidential space to process their experiences with depression. For some students, therapy is a way to learn ways to respond to depression-driven thoughts and to cope with difficult emotions. For others, therapy can also be a way to understand the circumstances that contribute to and sustain their depression.

Group Therapy

While the Counseling Center does not currently offer a group that specifically addresses depression, our regular group therapy offerings can be a helpful resource and act as a supplement to more targeted therapeutic support.

Emergency Walk-In Services

For situations in which a student is highly distressed and in crisis, the Counseling Center offers same-day walk-in appointments. During these appointments, students can discuss their emergency situation and consult with a therapist about how to best proceed. Some students feel better after just one such meeting, and other students may decide with their counselor that they would be best served by pursuing ongoing services (i.e. individual or group therapy).


Counseling Center clinicians are available to consult with students, parents, faculty, and staff members about matters related to depression. This often means providing an understanding of appropriate services, explaining how to support someone in treatment or recovery, and providing referrals for community treatment providers.

Dean of Students

When a student is struggling, the Office of the Dean of Students can be a valuable resource. This office can provide students with resources, support, and education. In some situations when a student has decided to pursue intensive treatment while remaining in school, the Dean of Students can also provide guidance on practical matters such as alleviating course loads or changing class schedules.

Student Health Services

Given that certain medical conditions can create or exacerbate feelings of depression, it can be helpful for students who think they may be depressed to seek medical consultation. This may involve getting a basic physical exam or getting extra bloodwork done in order to rule out or identity serious medical conditions that could require immediate attention.

Community Resources

The Counseling Center can provide students with referrals for individual therapy providers. For local treatment centers that provide intensive, specialized treatment for mental health concerns (including depression), please consult the following list: