On-Campus and Community Resources

Counseling Center

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides survivors with a safe, confidential space to process their experiences. Some therapists naturally integrate mindfulness into their work, and if a student is interested in learning about how mindfulness might be able to help them, they are encouraged to discuss this with their therapist.

Group Therapy

The Counseling Center sometimes offers a Mindful Living group over the summer, designed to help students who would like to use mindfulness to ease feelings of depression, anxiety, and/or stress. To verify whether this group will be offered in the upcoming summer, please consult our Group Therapy list.

Psychology Department

The CUA Psychology Department sometimes offers research studies about mindfulness. Individuals who are interested in learning more about research benefits and participation may visit the following laboratory web pages:

Community Resources

The Counseling Center can provide students with referrals for off-campus mindfulness resources. Please consult the following list for additional resources:

Online Resources

The following is a list of online resources that may act as a supplement to mindfulness training.


Online Audio/Video