First generation college students (i.e. First Gen, 1G) are students whose parents or guardians have not attended or completed college or university.

Often, they are the first members of their family to graduate college.

Such students typically have many strengths, such as resilience, determination, and commitment. They also tend to face unique challenges in addition to the usual stressors of university life. For example, First Gen students are more likely to balance academic commitments with part-time or full-time work and tend to enter college at an older age than their classmates. They also are attempting to navigate an academic system that their family may not understand or be familiar with, and concepts that seem obvious to their peers (e.g. internships, campus resources) may be more difficult to identify and access.

Given both the accomplishments and challenges associated with being a first generation college student, we would like to emphasize that we are here to support First Gen students adjust to our community. Support is always available.