On-Campus Resources

There are many different ways to get support on campus for a variety of common concerns.

Here we describe some of the main resources available at CUA and how to access them.

Office of the Dean of Students

When a student is struggling, the Office of the Dean of Students can be a valuable resource. This office can provide students with resources, support, and education. In some situations when a student has decided to pursue intensive treatment while remaining in school, the Dean of Students can also provide guidance on practical matters such as alleviating course loads or changing class schedules.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is the university's on-campus mental health agency and is open to any enrolled CUA student. As a mental health agency, the Counseling Center primarily works with students who are experiencing emotional difficulties, such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, or relationship problems. For first-generation students, the Counseling Center can be a space to speak with a professional about topics such as adjustment to a new college culture, family challenges, and connecting with others.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides students with a safe, confidential space to process their experiences. For most students, therapy is a way to learn new ways of coping with stressors and to enhance their existing strengths. Therapy is always collaborative, and students will work with their therapist to identify goals and priorities for therapy.

Group Therapy

While the Counseling Center does not currently offer a group that is specifically for first-generation college students, our regular group therapy offerings can be a helpful resource and address related aspects of the First Gen experience.

Walk-In Services

For situations that require same-day attention, the Counseling Center offers walk-in appointments. During these appointments, students can discuss their emergency situation and consult with a therapist about how to best proceed. Some students feel better just one such meeting, and other students may decide with their counselor that they would be best served by pursuing ongoing services (i.e. individual or group therapy).


Counseling Center clinicians are available to consult with students, parents, faculty, and staff members about matters related to students' mental health and well-being.

Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success provides academic support around such topics as note-taking, time management, and study strategies, and this office helps students meet their academic goals. Tutoring services are also available for a variety of academic topics. Additionally, the Center for Academic Success provides workshops throughout the year about several relevant issues, such as time management, how to succeed in foreign language classes, how to prep for exams, and how to organize papers.

Disability Support Services

DSS is available to answer questions concerning accommodations and services available. In addition, they are available to provide information about and give referrals to admissions, registration, financial aid, and other services within the university. DSS can help you with assessing your needs in such areas as housing accommodations, attendants, interpreters, readers, transportation, classroom and course accommodations, tutors, notetakers, and adaptive equipment.

CUA Writing Center

The CUA Writing Center is committed to helping students develop as writers. They offer one-on-one consultations with student writers of all levels, at all stages of the writing process. They work with students in collaborative consultations where dialogue, practice, and discovery are paramount.

The Nest

The Nest is an online directory of student organizations and campus events. Students can sign in to access updated information about how to get involved and engage on campus.

CUA Student Organizations

Student organizations can be a great way to meet other CUA students who share your interests and identities. The Nest includes a complete listing of student organizations on campus.